Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Past of Ancient Egypt In a Nutshell

Photo: Pixabay
The long past Egyptian civilization is a great one, and you will be hard pressed to find someone to who will think otherwise. Ancient Egypt in modern terminology is situated in Africa, in the northwest area. 

The Nile River, in most cases just called the 'Nile', passed through the center of the civilization. The northern part was known as Lower Egypt, and the southern part as Upper Egypt - a fact which has lead to some misunderstanding among tourists. The Nile is understood as the longest river in the world, but recent scientists find that there is a possibility that the Amazon River situated in South America may be a short distance longer. 

Specifically, there are three separate sections or periods of time that Egyptian history can be divided up into. These are known as the Old Kingdom, the Central Kingdom, and the Modern Kingdom. Each period has specific facts which are unique to it, and are best learned and studied independently.

The kingdoms of ancient Egypt were under the leadership of the Pharaoh at the time, and in fact, the ancient Egyptian individuals themselves held the strong expectation that somehow their gods were responsible for choosing each Pharaoh, thus the inhabitants could rest soundly at night, knowing that all was under control. In fact, the government of ancient Egypt can be described as the first national government in the world, and people referred to as viziers, who were officials assigned to the Pharaoh, also helped to rule.

The Egyptian culture, like the Sumerian culture, had a language and writing system of their own. A Papyrus plant was used to make paper - thus defining the origin of the word, paper!

A lot of people find the ancient cultures, Egyptian significantly, to be profoundly mysterious as a result of the incredible massive monuments, most significantly the Great Pyramid at Giza, very close to Cairo, that remains to this day.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

DeWalt Power Tools

DeWalt Power Tools 2014 - Photo: Flickr
The DeWalt power tool collection offers you anything and everything you will ever need in the way of a power tool. They also offer any accessory for these power tools that you can imagine. DeWalt is considered to be a manufacturer of high-quality power tools. You can purchase them online or from any home improvement store. The DeWalt power tool line consists of 200 power tools and 800 accessories. 

DeWalt takes pride in offering power tools that are efficient and long-lasting. The entire business is focused on customer satisfaction. They also put a great deal of time into researching the best operating practices for their tools. Safety is something they take very seriously. You can find safety information for all of their power tools on their website or with any DeWalt power tool. For your safety, read this information before you operate any power tool you purchase from them.

Consumers are very happy with DeWalt power tools because of the selection. You won’t have any trouble finding what you are looking for. They are also reasonably priced and come with a great warranty. They will professionally repair any power tool for you. If the damage is due to a defect they will repair it at their own expense. They may also choose to replace it will a new one. You can also order DeWalt replacement parts for your power tools from the internet. Not sure what part you need? Their website has a complete listing of every power tool. Click on the power tool you have and it will list every part it has. 

All new DeWalt power tools come with a full three-year warranty. The warranty doesn’t cover abuse or normal wear of the power tool. Accessories don’t have any warranty on them. However, DeWalt will gladly exchange them if there appears to be a damaged accessory. Contact them directly or return the accessory to the location you purchased it from. DeWalt extends a 90-day money back guarantee on all their power tools. You can return it even after using it without any questions being asked. I think this says a great deal about the integrity of the DeWalt company and the power tools they sell. 

(This is an older article from the year 2007. Please check the new warranty conditions when buying a new device)

DeWalt understands the customer is the ultimate user of every power tool and accessory. They encourage the consumer to submit information on these products. They want to know about the reliability, concerns, comments, suggestions; anything that can help them make their power tools operate better and easier for the customer. You can submit your comments online or mail them to the DeWalt company. They promise to respond to your submission within six weeks. In addition, DeWalt encourages you to submit ideas you have for additional power tool products. 

In the business of tools since 1927, DeWalt is a leader in the power tool industry. They have proven themselves to be a manufacturer or quality products that are very durable. They also offer excellent customer service for all DeWalt products. You won’t be left alone to figure out anything with a product you purchase from this company. In addition, DeWalt power tools are inexpensive and safe to use as long as you use them according to the operating instructions. Their dedication to safety, customer satisfaction, and their unbelievable warranty ensure DeWalt power tools will continue to be hot selling items.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Security Cameras Can Provide Safety

Security Cameras - Photo: Pixabay
For some homeowners who want the idea of feeling safer have security cameras installed over their garages aimed at the driveway or street, and possibly another one over their door entrance.  Or at the back door entrance of the home.

Often times these security cameras are basic, and some simply record surveillance, while others can show real-time viewing. The idea of having a security camera allows the homeowners to feel at peace knowing the camera is installed. 

Most of the time if an intruder sees the security camera he or she will do everything possible to avoid the camera, and in essence feel as though there are other additional security measures taken on the house. Such as door alarms or window alarms. In this case, an intruder would initially leave the premises trying to avoid being seen on the security camera. 

Another reason homeowners have security cameras installed might be if they travel a lot, the security cameras video the surroundings while they are away and if any type of vandalism or break-in does occur, the appropriate measures can be taken.

Some apartment complexes have security cameras at the entrance of the establishments for safety reasons as well. Each time a vehicle or person goes through the entrance the security camera overseas, and often times the security cameras can be set to move after a few minutes then move again. At least at one point of a camera's movement in such an area like an apartment complex, the security camera will aim for the tags of vehicles. This is often successful for safety precautions when vehicles that don't belong in the complex are recorded or viewed on the security camera.

Security cameras are used in several different areas for safety purposes. Although in some cases, the cameras are out of view of the public eye. Security cameras are a good source of watching what is going on exactly and no one can lie about incidents that might occur. Especially in heavily populated areas.  Security cameras have increased in use by almost 60% over the last decade. By retailers as well as private use.

So the fact remains obvious that security cameras being used to provide safety measures for a lot of people, even those who don't really like the idea of security cameras being in use. They feel although in some ways it does interfere with their right to privacy they realize the increase of the acts of violence in the United States today. Therefore, they are not going to complain.

If a security camera is in a parking lot and their car is stolen in most cases it can be retrieved, not to mention they have that peace of mind of walking to their cars under surveillance and know that there is a lower risk of being attacked or abducted by someone intending to harm them or hurt them in order to gain access to their belongings or their vehicle. There's just too much crime to not have security cameras in most places today.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

What is the American Society of Criminology?

The American Society of Criminology is one of the best references and sources of information regardless of where an individual life and what country is maintained as their place of residence.  Contrary to the implication in the name of the organization, the American Society of Criminology is actually an international organization that is open to many people.  Annually, the organization hosts a general meeting, and topics are discussed that seem appropriate in which everyone can take part.  The themes are generally vague, but still, give way to important topics.  Recently, the meeting has had the theme of “Criminology, Justice and Public Policy in the 21st Century”.  Since this type of conversation topic does not limit itself geographically, anyone is free to express their concerns or issues when it comes to these matters, as they feel the public will be affected by them in this coming century.  

In addition to offering annual talks for professors, legal-minded individuals and other academics interested in the various aspects of criminology, the law and sociological effects as a result of a crime, the American Society of Criminology is also geared towards helping these people.  There are employment opportunities at the meetings as well, and on their website, the American Society of Criminology actively updates their position and employment posting boards.  As a result, individuals that are going to be graduating from college with a Criminology degree can find on their website a wealth of information pertaining not only to available jobs and markets, but also a resource in the form of networking with like-minded individuals.

Members of the American Society of Criminology are able to enjoy different criminology journals and a newsletter.  The reading materials are helpful for all interested parties because they transmit the information that is changing and being expanded on in the legal and criminology arenas, and will often feature segments on various countries around the world.  There are some specialized regiments within the Society, and members sometimes interact with each other on these specialized levels.  This is again helpful for students looking to break into a specific niche after graduating and those who are particularly interested in specific areas of criminology.  One of the main functions of the Society is to educate people and investigate the many ways in which crime, the criminal element and society are related and dependent upon one another in various manners.  They are open to all willing individuals and encourage interested parties to join or investigate their organization at any point in time.

Within the Society, there is an Executive Board.  This is made up of the President, the President-Elect, the Immediate Past President, as well as the Vice President and the Vice President-Elect.  Those positions are elected.  There are also appointed officers, and these positions are made up of the executive secretary, as well as the treasurer and the editor for one of the Criminology Journals, known as Criminology: An Interdisciplinary Journal.  Six Executive Counselors are also added to the board.  These are the individuals that run the society on the whole; those who form policies, determine the specifics of the Annual Meeting and ratify the Society’s budget.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Indian Legends and Victorian Bath Houses: The History of Eureka Springs

 View of Eureka Springs from atop Magnetic Mountain (home of Christ of the Ozarks)
Photo: Wikimedia
Today the Arkansas resort town of Eureka Springs is a quaint, faux-Victorian tourist trap with an abundance of Bible-themed attractions. But the knickknack shops and family-friendly dinner theaters are really a natural outgrowth of a long history as a “vacation” destination reaching back to the Native Americans.

Eureka Springs has, unsurprisingly, several naturally occurring, mineral-rich springs, which have long been thought to be possessed of healing powers. In 1856 European settler called Dr. Alvah Jackson took the Indian legends at their word at used some of the water from Eureka’s springs to “treat” an unspecified eye ailment suffered by his son. The ailment healed and his son’s recovery was duly attributed to the spring-water. This led to the founding of Dr. Jackson’s Cave Hospital, where many young men were “treated” with Eureka’s spring water during the American Civil War, and the subsequent Dr. Jackson’s Eye Water business postbellum.

In 1879 Judge J.B. Saunders, a friend of Dr. Jackson’s visited the Basin Spring in Eureka, where he was allegedly cured of some type of degenerative ailment. Thrilled by the upturn in his failing health, the influential judge began promoting Eureka Springs nationwide. Before the end of the year the town of Eureka Springs was home to 10,000 people, and by 1881 it was the 4th largest city in Arkansas.

Eureka Springs soon became famous for its luxuriant Bath Houses. In 1889 The Basin Spring Bath House was built on Main Street; it was 4 stories high, with a bridge to the upper 2 stories arching over the street and providing housing for the water pipes. The 1901 Palace Hotel’s baths used water from the Harding Spring, and featured an electric elevator, electric lights and steam-heating in every room, making it the turn of the century equivalent of a 5-star hotel. At these and other Bath Houses, visitors could slip out of their union suits for a hot or cold or shower, a massage or various kinds of baths: hot air, electric, medicated, radiant, vapor and more. The Palace and the Basin house are still standing today.

As the 20th century began to get its big, bloody, iron wheels turning up to speed, interest in mysticism began to wane, and this included the belief in “healing waters”. The springs began to be more a sideshow than the main event, and most of the Bath Houses closed.

But Eureka Springs hung in there, adapting with the times, to remain one of Arkansas’ premier tourist destinations. Sure, no one comes to be healed, but now they come to get hitched. Eureka Springs has become the Las Vegas of the Ozarks when it comes to quickie marriages (no blood test required), with over 4,000 weddings taking place there every year. Also, there are a lot of shopping opportunities for people who shop on vacation to enjoy. For the faithful, it’s worth the trip to Eureka Springs to gaze upon the 70-foot tall statue of Jesus, called Christ of the Ozarks that soars above the town. Eureka Springs has been packing them in for more than 150 years, now. Who can say why people will be visiting in 150 more?

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Bonding with the Universe.

Milk Way - Photo: Pixabay
As parents, we often worry about what our children are getting excited about.  We hope we can guide them to “bond” with healthy things like a love of learning, of family and of healthy social activities.  But we also worry they will bond with the wrong people like internet stalkers or the wrong crowd at school.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could harness that tremendous energy and desire to latch onto something and bond with it and help our children “bond” with the universe through a love of astronomy?

Kids love to get excited about what you are excited about.  So their lots of ways you can “spring” the fun of astronomy on them that will jump-start them on a long and happy exploration of the hobby of astronomy.  Here are a few to get your imagination going.

* Work it into an evening in the backyard.  If you know the night sky will be particularly exciting the night of a big family barbecue, plan to have some blankets out there.  Then as everybody else is playing Frisbee, just lay out a blanket, lay flat on your back and start staring up into the sky with binoculars.  Like the old prank of staring at a faraway spot to get people’s interest, your kids will see what you are doing and what to know what is going on.  As you let them take a peek, their curiosity will take off like a wildfire and they are hooked.

* A surprise visit to the country.  Sometimes it is hard to see the vast display of stars from within the city.  So if you announce that you are going to show them a surprise one night and have them pile into the car, their curiosity will be going wild as you leave the city.  When you find that quiet park, field or lakeside spot, all you have to do is point up and say “just look” and the magnificence of the night sky will do the rest.

* A special Christmas gift.  You can buy your children an affordable and durable beginner’s telescope along with some easy star maps written just for kids.  Imagine when they open this exciting gift and want to know how to use it.  Don’t be surprised if you are setting up the new telescope in the snow to show them the great things they will see in the cosmos with the gift that Santa wanted them to have.  The gift of astronomy.

* Unleash the power of a meteor shower on them.  You can keep your eye on the events that are predicted for the sky watchers in your area.  When the next big meteor shower is about to explode over your area, watch the weather for a clear night and get your kids excited about what they are about to see.  As the lights begin to go off overhead and you create fun and interesting narration to this dramatic display, the children will be addicts for life for the great experiences that can be had as students of astronomy.

* Plan a surprise event in with something you are already doing.  For example, on vacation, you can plan your route on a cross-country trip to bring you within visiting distance of one of the great multimillion dollar telescopes in this country.  By contacting them ahead of time, you can be sure they are conducting a tour that coincides with your visit.  Just imagine if they can look up at a telescope that is bigger than their house and maybe look through the eyepiece as some amazing cosmic sight, it will be the hit of the vacation.

Astronomy is a great activity to introduce on a family camping trip.  As the family sits around the fire after a fun night of camping, all you have to do is just look up and go “Wow, look at that!” When those little heads look up, they will look back down changed children, children in love with the stars.

Astronomy is a healthy passion for your kids and one they can grow with their entire lives.  And there is probably no better gift you can give them than the love of the stars, of science and of nature that is all wrapped up together when your kids bond with the universe through astronomy.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Bosch Power Tools

Bosch Power Tools - Photo: Flickr
Bosch power tools offer the consumer a full line of both cord and cordless power tools. They offer a large selection of power tools as well as accessories. In addition to the basic power tools that are offered including saws, drills, routers, sanders, nailers, power screwdrivers; Bosch offers some great specialty tools. 

They are designed for specific projects. The Bosch heat gun offers several temperatures as well as two speeds. You can get a Bosh heat gun in several sizes. There are also various accessories available to fit your particular project. These accessories include the heat gun blower, spreader, and reflector. The Bosch foam rubber cutter is an excellent specialty tool that is designed to easily cut through foam rubber and flexible foams. The various blades will assist you with cutting foam this is of varying densities. 

Bosch has some great new power tools on the market. The pocket driver is very compact but very powerful. You can insert 100 screws with one battery charge. The I-Driver is a power screwdriver, designed with a pivot head to get into very tight spaces. The Brute Tough drill and driver is very powerful and versatile. It can be used for a variety of projects.

Bosch offers consumers something not many other power tool manufacturers have. It is called the Flexible Power System. With many of their power tools including drills and saws, you get to choose the minimum weight and the maximum power you want from that particular power tool. 

Are you in the market for several power tools? One of the best selling products offered by Bosch is the five Pak. This is an 18-volt cordless tool kit. The Hammer Drill/Driver is the same as having a drill, a driver, and a hammer. The Circular saw is very powerful and comes with safety features for your protection. There is a reciprocating saw, great for precision cutting. The jigsaw is great for most any kind of cut that takes place away from the outer edge of the materials. 

You will also get a great drop light and a heavy duty bag to carry it all in. As if that wasn’t enough you will also get two battery chargers, a drill bit holder, various saw blades, and two extra batteries. This power tool kit has everything you need to complete a variety of home improvement products at a price of about $500.

If that is more than your budget can handle, consider purchasing reconditioned Bosch power tools. You will be able to purchase them at 40% less than the retail price of that particular power tool. The Bosch website has information on the various reconditioned power tools they have available at this time. They come with a one year warranty and a thirty-day money back guarantee. You will also get a certification of authenticity. 

Bosch takes customer satisfaction very seriously. They strive to meet the needs of every customer. Bosch understands that downtime with your tools affects your productivity. That can cost you time, money, or both. All Bosch power tools are guaranteed to be free from defects. Each comes with a one year warranty, a thirty-day money back guarantee, and a one-year service plan. (2018 ?)

If you need repairs to a Bosch power tool, contact them directly. They work with service providers all over the world who will repair your Bosch power tool quickly and effectively. Generally, this can be done at any location that sells Bosch power tools. You are guaranteed your power tool will be ready within five days. 

You can purchase Bosch power tools at most hardware stores and home improvement stores. They offer reliable power tools at a very comparable price. Bosch power tools are very versatile and meet or exceed the required safety requirements of the industry. You won’t be disappointed with the power tools you purchase from the Bosch brand.