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Thursday, August 9, 2018

A Number Game Guide! Sudoku Answers

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Are you bored? 

Do you wish to be entertained? 

One way to divert you from boredom is to take up a hobby. A good suggestion is to try answering puzzles. It does not just keep you from world-weariness; it also sharpens your mind. 

A puzzle is a problem-solving game to challenge the different mind strategies that you know of. There are different kinds of a puzzle – some are easy to deal with, however, others are highly crucial as if you are solving Math or Logic problems. 

An example of a puzzle that is more likely related to logic is Number Place or sometimes referred to as Sudoku. 

Sudoku has the aim to complete a nine by nine (9 x 9) grid from three by three   (3 x 3) regions by entering the numbers 1 to 9 in each cell of the grid. The tricky part is that no single number should be repeated in the 9 x 9 grid. 

At first glance, the Number Place seems to be a fun and easy game. However, in the long run, it requires the player to be in deep thought of what strategies to formulate to solve the puzzle. 

There are three suggested ways to answer Sudoku. One can choose to use scanning as his method of solving the puzzle. Others can prefer marking up to come up with a solved puzzle. For some, they can be comfortable with the analysis method of puzzle solving. 

Scanning is a method wherein the process of elimination reigns. Under the scanning method, one can either choose cross-hatching or counting. Cross-hatching requires a systematic course of action wherein to scan rows or columns in a particular region can give you hints of the possibility where numbers can or cannot be repeated. On the other hand, counting requires the basic counting where the player would count numerals 1 to 9 in rows, columns, and regions to find the missing numeral.  

To answer your next Sudoku game, try the marking up method. This method is normally used when you exhaust all the possibilities of solving the puzzle from scanning. To mark, you should be able to use notations. Commonly, what is being used as a notation to markup are dots and subscript. However, it is best to use notation wherein you will be comfortable using such as lines, shapes or other codes. It is also good to assign which notation would be used for candidate numerals that are most likely to repeat and notation that is likely to be in the said grid. One drawback of using notations is when Sudoku is being played from newspaper or magazine pages where grids are usually small to note into. 

Third suggested way to solve Sudoku puzzles is through analysis. There are two main tactics to use the analysis method – the candidate elimination and what-if method.  Through the word itself, the candidate elimination method does away with candidate numerals from the grids to set aside just one option. Scanning can also be utilized together with the candidate elimination. Another way to answer Number Place with the analysis method is the what-if technique. With the use of this approach the player will guess which is which from the two remaining numbers. 

If for instance, you will be seeking answers to Sudoku via a computer program there are also recommended ways to finish the puzzle.  

First, try to act and be like a human when solving. You can still use the suggested solving procedures given above. Additionally, with the use of a computer program, you will be able to devise the level of difficulty for each puzzle game. 

Secondly, plan or search for a good computation that will help you solve the puzzle more rapidly. 

You as the player can use a combination of the methods or can even formulate new solutions that will work best for you and other people. Take things one step at a time. Learn the basics of the game. Let go of line of attacks that are boggling your mind. Pick the pieces of information where you think you succeed, learn from where you fall apart. It is a game; you must learn to take risks. 

Just thinking of how Sudoku will work, boredom just fades.