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Saturday, August 4, 2018

The Swiss Army Watch from Wenger and Victorinox

Victorinox Swiss Army Watch - Photo: Wikimedia
If you are looking for a Swiss Army watch then look no further than Wenger who are suppliers of not only Swiss Army watches but are also one of the two official knife suppliers for the Swiss Army, along with Victorinox. Since 1908, Wenger has supplied the Swiss Army with watches that are stylish as well as classy and they have permission to feature the Swiss Cross which is a sign of a top-notch product. 

Rival Firm Victorinox

A competitor in the Swiss Army watch segment is the rival firm Victorinox which sells affordable watches that have exceptional engineering as well as outstanding and perfected craftsmanship and this brand of Swiss Army watch is certainly worth serious consideration. The Swiss Army Victorinox watch can be used for hiking, skiing, climbing as well as other adventure pursuits and these watches are perfect for extreme sports as well as a good accessory for wearing to a dinner at the Hilton. The Swiss Army watch is warranted by the Swiss Army to the original buyer to be free of defects in material as well as workmanship under normal usage for three years from when it was purchased.

There are many models of the Swiss Army watch available from Victorinox as well as Wenger. Some other suppliers of the Swiss Army watch include Swatch, Mondaine, Camel Active and Jacques du Manoir. In addition, there are various models such as Alpine, Mountaineer, Commando, Standard issue, Bienne, original Swiss military, and field new generation in the casual watch category. 

The Alpine WEN.72123 Wenger Swiss Army watch is priced at about $180 and is made of stainless steel and has ETA quartz movement, and this a men’s watch. It is also water resistant till 100 meters and the case finishing is sandblasted with mineral crystal, regular crown, a brown dial and dial style that have Arabic figures and three hands for hours/minutes/sweep second. The strap is made of brown leather with a regular buckle and special features include date display, and it is also luminous for nighttime visibility.

There is also the Wenger Alpine Chrono WEN.70875 sports gents’ collection Swiss Army watch that has Swiss quartz chronograph, movement, and water resistance to hundred meters and it also has luminous hands as well as markers for nighttime visibility. It comes with a one-year limited warranty and costs approximately $300. (2009)

Friday, June 15, 2018

Breitling Watch

Breitling Watch - Photo: Pixabay
Dependability Can be Found in a Breitling Watch

When looking for a new watch to purchase, dependability is an important factor. Oftentimes, a person will buy an affordable watch and find that it only works for a short amount of time. For a watch that is stylish and dependable, and has had an interesting impact on the history of watches, one should look into purchasing a Breitling watch.

About the Breitling Brand

Breitling watches are Swiss-made and specifically originate from the Canton of Jura in Switzerland. Although they were originally designed as aviation watches, Breitling watches have become more of a status symbol, with movie stars such as John Travolta and Jerry Seinfeld frequently wearing Breitling watches.

The idea for Breitling watches originated in 1884 when a man named Leon Breitling opened a workshop for making precision counters and chronographs. Chronographs, or chronometers, are ways of measuring time precisely and are still implemented in Breitling watches today.

By 1892, Leon Breitling’s company had grown to such an extent that he had to relocate from his original rural location in the Canton of Jura, to La Chaux-de-Fonds. La Chaux-de-fonds was, at the time, considered the very center of watchmaking in Switzerland. 

Leon Breitling continued to prosper with his company until his death in 1914, at which time the company was taken over by his son Gaston. In 1915, Gaston, using chronograph technology, created the first wristwatch. This creation subsequently provided pilots with first wrist instruments in aviation thanks to this technology.

In 1923, a new type of Breitling watch was introduced, which was an independent chronograph push piece. Before the invention of this watch, the winding crown of watches controlled the start and return-to-zero functions.

Breitling watches continued to be improved over the years, implementing both style and advanced aeronautical technology into their watches. For example, in 1952, the Navitimer was introduced, which included the ability to measure short periods of time and airborne calculations such as climbing times. This watch could also convert miles into kilometers or nautical miles.

Today, Breitling watches continue to develop in terms of excellent aeronautical technology. As such, these watches are quite expensive and will cost at least a thousand dollars. These watches can be found in several places throughout the world, thus the best way to find a nearby location is to search the internet. Indeed, for efficiency and style, a Breitling watch is an excellent choice whether one is a pilot or not.