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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Mystery TRAINS

Photo: Wikimedia
Trains have a very exciting feeling that comes with them. If you enjoy solving mysteries then you may find a mystery train is a fun way to spend your time. You can make reservations with a group of your friends or you can go alone and meet new people who share your same interests. Mystery trains generally operate at night so that you can spend your time in an atmosphere that fits well with the scenario being played out.

Many of us remember the popular board game of Clue where you had to guess who committed the murder, what room it was conducted in, and with what weapon. Many of the mystery trains are set up with a similar type of layout taking place. Some mystery train games only last for the evening while others may last for two or three days. It all depends on how much time you want to invest in this fun activity.

Some of these mystery trains take place is places you would love to visit including the Rocky Mountains, Alaska, and even New York. If you aren’t interested in helping to solve the crime but you would like to see it take place, you can find mystery trains that offer a fantastic dinner. The murder mystery is performed while you enjoy your food by actors up on the stage. Sometimes they ask for audience participation to help keep everyone interested but it depends on the particular production you are taking part in.

In order to get the best prices on mystery trains, look for those that run all year long. This means that many of the local people will have already had a chance to take part in it. It also means not everyone will be fighting for the same tickets on set days. You will generally find mystery trains are less expensive during the week than on weekends. Those that offer a fine dining experience are going to cost more too because of the atmosphere and the food offered. 

Since there are so many different types of mystery trains out there it is important that you get all of the information in advance. Find out what will be taking place and what your role in it will be. Ask how long the actual mystery takes to unfold so you can plan in advance for it. If the mystery train is several days long find out about the meals and the sleeping quarters. The more information you have the more likely it is that you will thoroughly enjoy your mystery train experience.

Taking a train adventure to enjoy a great mystery that you take part in solving can be a wonderful vacation. The internet is a great place to find the various mystery trains that are offered as well as there locations. These types of events get wonderful reviews and the mystery trains fill up fast. You will want to plan your trip and secure reservations early in order to ensure you can attend the one you want. 

A mystery train can be a great way for a group of adults to spend a couple of days together. It also makes a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift for a friend or family member who is always watching those movies on TV where they solve the crimes. This is one gift that they would always remember. 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Steam Locomotives

A recreated CP # 60 steam locomotive at the Golden Spike National Historic Site in Utah - Photo: Wikimedia
The first steam locomotive was introduced in 1804. Everyone was very excited about what it could offer in regards to moving materials and even people. By today’s standards through the first steam locomotive was nothing impressive. The top speed was five miles per hour and it could haul up to 15 tons of material. Yet you have to remember that this was before automobiles so the steam locomotive offered fast speeds and more power than anything else during that period of time.

As time went by steam locomotives were able to become more powerful and move faster. This was due to new designs for both the steam engines and the tracks. From observing what wasn’t working inventors and scientists were able to implement new strategies that were quite effective. 

One thing you will immediately notice about the steam locomotives is their unique wheel design. This was done to resolve the problem of keeping a steel train in steel rails without slipping. Each steam locomotive actually features two sets of drive wheels. Even with the usefulness of steam locomotives, it took plenty of time to build them as well as to lay the tracks. The first railroad wasn’t ready for operation with the steam locomotives until 1825. 

Steam locomotives were the main type used for the railways from the early 1800’s until the 1950’s. It was at that time the majority of them were replaced by engines running off of diesel fuel. Steam locomotives are large, powerful pieces of machinery that were made from steel and heavy iron. The majority of them can only be found in various train museums today. There are still a few early steam locomotives in use for various types of recreational trains out there. 

If you visit steam locomotives featured in the various museums you will quickly notice all of the differences they offer. Each one was custom made for the railway company it was going to be delivered to. This is why the controls can be found in various locations, the sizes of the smokestacks are different, and even the type of steam whistle to let people know about approaching trains are different.

The concepts behind steam locomotives were very advanced for the 1800’s, but as technology advanced they were replaced by faster trains that could run on diesel fuel. Still, they are a vital part of the foundation that was built long ago for the railway industry. It is rumored that one day in the future steam locomotives will be making a come back. The cost of diesel fuel continues to rise and it does create a large amount of pollution for the environment. 

Of course, these new steam locomotives would have all of the latest features. Don’t expect to see a couple of people shoveling fuel into the compressor in order to generate enough steam to power it. All of the movement would be able to be done by the use of advanced parts that would allow this process to be automated. 

There is plenty of history to be found in the steam locomotives of the past. They provide us with useful information about the early development of the industrial revolution. The fact that early inventors were successful in building these steam engines with limited technology or information is amazing. It just goes to show you that great ideas can happen at any time.