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Friday, March 2, 2018

What Abstract Painting is all About

Abstract Painting - Photo: Pixabay
Perhaps you've seen a lot of paintings already and out of the paintings you've seen, you appreciate only a few of them. You see, there are different painting styles and techniques used by painters. One of these styles is the abstract painting. When you say abstract painting, not many appreciate it probably because of its different style and not so ordinary appearance. But despite the oddness of such painting style, you should not judge it at first sight. Instead, you should try to understand why it was painted.

Abstract painting started hundreds of years ago. There are famous abstract paintings housed in museums. Private collectors who love abstract painting also have some of them. Abstract paintings are good investments as well as collection items. You'll never know how much a certain painting would cost in the future and with the great awareness and appreciation of people nowadays for abstract painting, even you can't tell the value of a painting. Some of the famous abstract painters were Picasso, Van Gogh, and Modigliani. Because of these artist's beautiful works, abstract painting became even more famous. 

Do you know what abstract painting is? This type of painting can be defined in various ways. Unlike traditional paintings, abstract painting doesn’t portray reality. Before, the painting was all about depicting a realistic or photographic expression of something or someone. However, abstract paintings are a lot different. The painting itself does not illustrate real objects. The shapes and colours shown in abstract paintings are non-objective and non-representing. The painting may refer to a person or to any other individual, anything, or even nothing. If you can't understand the meaning of a particular painting, you can ask the experts or even the painter about its meaning. Natural art lovers, on the other hand, don’t need explanations because if they love abstract paintings, they will understand clearly the significance of the painting.

Try to look at an abstract painting. You will see bright, vivid, and bold colours. Aside from the colours, you will also note that the painting has biometric shapes. For art lovers, this is a beautiful and strange piece. 

Way back in 1940, Abstract Expressionism is a movement pushed through by the artists. The artists and painters supported abstract painting and they wanted the freedom of expression through the paintings they made. This made the abstract painting more popular. The movement began in a particular school in New York and the movement was also called Action Painting. Among the American schools that joined the movement declared their independence from the artworks of European style. After this, abstract painting was pushed forward.

In order to understand and appreciate abstract painting, you must know its humble beginnings. Even if the abstract painting is quite odd, you should still learn to love it because its part of history and it is still a painting which expresses the thoughts and feelings of painters. You can get paintings like this in art galleries online and local art shops.  Some are quite expensive but there are also cheap ones. You can get replicas of the original classic abstract paintings made by the famous painters by purchasing them in certain companies that commission this kind of painting style. 

Try to conduct a research about abstract painting. You can find many resources online so that you will understand more about this painting style. A painting is not always a representation of a specific object or person and that is exactly what abstract painting is all about.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Ideas for HALLOWEEN Face Painting

sugar skull - Photo: Pixabay
Halloween is fun both for adults and young kids. If you've enjoyed painting pumpkins with your family and friends, you will surely enjoy face painting during this special occasion. You can scare the wits out of young kids and even adults if you paint scary faces once they knock on your door and ask the same old line – 'trick or treat'. 

Here are some excellent ideas for Halloween face painting. 

Pumpkin – you can paint a pumpkin on both sides of your cheeks. The pumpkin should be bright orange in color. The nose, mouth, and eyes can be painted in black. The outline and ridges of pumpkin design should be light grey. 

If you want, you can make your whole face look like a pumpkin. The base should be orange and for the cheekbones, you have to apply a darker shade of orange. Make a triangle shape over your eyes and paint it black. For your lips and nose, you must paint it black as well. 

Skull – the skull design should occupy the whole face. The base should be white and after you've painted the white paint, you can paint a bright red color for the lips. Make an outline of fangs on both sides of your mouth in light grey. The fill should be white and the tip should be painted in red so that it will look like blood. Use smoky grey for the eyelids and exaggerate your eyebrows with sweeping strokes in black color. 

Bat – make a bat design over your whole face. Just like the skull design, use white color as a base. Above your nose and your forehead, paint the face of the bat in black and light grey for the eyeballs. The body of the bat should be painted over your nose ending at the nostril's base. Use different shades of black for the body. The wings cover your eyes and your mid-cheek. You can paint some definitions by using light grey on the wings. Over your lips, paint exaggerated curls upward to the corners. Use your imagination and you can create a realistic bat design. 

Face Painting - Photo: Flickr

These are just four great ideas that you can use. if you want, you can obtain other painting ideas online. There are many helpful websites you can visit to get some great ideas for Halloween face painting. Visit the different sites and if you're diligent with your search, you can find pictures of the designs. With a picture to refer to, it will be a lot easier to paint because you already have a clear idea of what the design will look like. Find a design that you like so that it will be easier to paint. 

You can even paint your own face if you like, but this will a bit difficult. Get the whole family involved and paint each other's face. But before anything else, you have to buy face paints, paint brushes, and other painting materials that you will need. You can purchase them in paint stores or in craft stores. 

Celebrate Halloween with your family and friends. Give life to this special occasion by doing some face painting. Just remember to wash the paint off your face before you go to sleep to avoid any irritations. Have fun this Halloween season by painting your face in different designs.