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Many people do not understand the necessity of exercising for golf. To them golfing itself is an exercise. However, the truth is that you definitely need to exercise your body if you want to play golf of a higher level and wish to have the least exposure to injury. Golf is physical and your body can easily suffer a break down. If you want your drive to result in the longest travel you have to have superior strength and flexibility specific to golf. These are facts that cannot be denied. All golfers need to do golfing exercises regularly if they wish to improve their game and the sooner they start the greater will be the results.

English: Golfers golfing beside Petty Pool Woods
Golfers golfing beside Petty Pool Woods (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There a difference in exercising in the gym by working out on machines and in doing golf exercises. Golf is played standing therefore the right exercises aimed at bettering your golfing will never require you to sit on machines. Golf exercises will be on your feet and in a dynamic posture. Keeping in view the unique demands of golf you need to have a different approach to exercising for improving your game.

Golfing exercises are not just strength exercises. A very big part consists of stretching exercises. Golfing exercises are a combination of both strength and stretching exercises that result in permanent flexibility. This is the perfect combination to give you the best results for increasing your golfing capabilities. When looking at golfing exercises you must consider the body position that is necessary for making a mechanically sound swing. Once you are able to understand the dynamics and the unique body positioning to this you can start on golf exercises that are specific to this position.

For proper golfing exercises always remember the following

  • You must do most of your golf exercises on your feet.
  • It will be best to do them in the specific posture relevant to the game.
  • Always keep your knees flexible as in the case of swinging your club
  • Indulge in the maximum number of rotational exercises
  • Ensure that you also do exercises for the follow through part of a swing.
  • Make sure that repetitions are high enough for developing muscular endurance relevant to golfing.

Golfing exercises can be great fun and will keep you motivated for sticking to your program. Non-adherence to the exercise program is the main reason why many people do not get results. Golfing exercises like any other exercise program and will not show results if exercises are not done consistently.

To keep yourself motivated try picturing yourself mentally as an expert golfer. Envision yourself as a stronger and fitter golfer. Imagine yourself blasting all your drives and think of having consistently low scores as you play in your usual golf groups.

By having a better understanding of golfing exercises you will be able to stay fitter that your golfing partners and will be able to enjoy the game much more as you will find a natural improvement in your golfing skills.

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