Sunday, March 20, 2016

Tips for Filling up your SWIMMING POOL

It can take a considerable amount of water to fill up your swimming pool. The overall amount of it as well as the time will depend on the size of swimming pool that you own. It is very important that you go about it the right way. That way you won’t end up using any more water than you absolutely have to. Starting out with a very clean swimming pool is important. Take the time to remove any dirt or debris that may have found its way inside. You don’t want the new water to be dirty from the very start.

backyard swimming pool
Backyard swimming pool (Photo credit: Wikipedia) 

You also need to do some checking around with the various pieces of equipment. Even if your items are new don’t skip this important aspect of things. Make sure the filter and the pump both work like they should. You don’t want to turn on the pump though until you have the swimming pool filled half way with water. Otherwise you run the risk of burning it up.

You do want to have the circulation system on the entire time while filling up the swimming pool though. Even though it can take many hours to fill up the swimming pool someone needs to keep an eye on it. Don’t turn the water on and then leave your home. Someone needs to be there to turn off the water if there is any type of problem that develops. It isn’t a good idea to allow it to fill up overnight either due to the same issue.

Don’t be tempted to add any types of chemicals to the swimming pool until you have filled it up. Then you can add only what you need to based on the size and type of swimming pool you own. Make sure you are very careful with this process. If you don’t balance things out correctly you may have to drain the water out and start all over again. This isn’t going to make you happy or reflect well upon your water bill next month.

Make sure you have all of the supplies on hand that you will need to stabilize the water. Use your testing strips to determine where everything is at with it. One of the most important aspects to pay attention to is the Ph level. You may need to add various chemicals to get it where it should be. There are testing kits with strips that you simply place in the water and then compare the color it turns to a chart.

While adding water to your swimming pool can be the most time consuming aspect of it, definitely worth the while. You want to have clear water that has the right mix of chemicals in it for you to swim in. You don’t want to worry about bacteria, algae, or your skin drying out. If you do your part from the very start with filling up your swimming pool you won’t have any problems with it at all.

In some areas there are water restrictions that apply as well. You may find you have to get a permit to fill up your swimming pool. If you are restricted to a certain amount of water to use or certain days and hours you need to follow them. It will take longer to fill up your swimming pool but conserving water is very important for your community.

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